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The General Lee [A 1969 Dodge Charger]

The General Lee was a Kick Ass 1969 Dodge Charger. The General was painted orange, had General Lee on each side of the roof and a beautiful giant Confederate flag covering the entire roof. Don't forget the "01" painted on each door. Over 200 Generals with automatic and stick transmissions were used in the show.

Lucas K. "Luke" Duke [Tom Wopat]

Luke was the bigger and tougher guy of the two Duke boys. Luke was an ex-marine. He didn't drive the General much but he could kick some ass! Luke's CB Handle: Lost Sheep #1 .

Beaureguard "Bo" Duke [John Schneider]

Bo was the pretty boy and babe magnet off the two. Not as tough as Luke but one hell of a driver. Bo also drove a stock-car every now and then. Bo's CB Handle: Lost Sheep #2 .

Daisy Duke [Catherine Bach]

Daisy Duke (in her prime) is one of the hottest women of all time. Daisy's "Daisy Dukes" started the thing with the shorts. Daisy worked at the Boar's Nest as a waitress. She was a tough country girl so she could kick ass just like her cousins. Daisy's CB Handle: Little Bo Peep or Country Cousin .

Jesse Duke, AKA "Uncle Jesse" [Denver Pyle]

The uncle of Bo, Luke, and Daisy. Uncle Jesse was old but could still beat many asses. Jesse was an ex-moon shiner, he had this big black car called the "Midnight Runner", which he used to run moonshine back in the day... back when he was in the Old Time Ridgerunner Association. He also drove "Black Tilly", but that car was very rarely seen. Jesse and Boss Hogg were best buds in the past but were rivals later on.. Jesse's CB Handle: Shepherd .

Jefferson Davis Hogg, AKA "Boss Hogg" [Sorrell Booke]

Boss Hogg was the head of the town. Boss owned just about everything in Hazzard and was always making schemes. Boss tried to put the Dukes in jail in about every episode. Boss loved money and food and wanted more than he would ever have. Sorrell Booke died on February 11, 1994.

Rosco P. Coltrane [James Best]

The dumb-ass sheriff in town. Rosco was a sorry driver and couldn't pull off any of Boss's schemes. Rosco was Boss's right hand man.

Enos Straitt [Sonny Shroyer]

Enos was also a dumb-ass. Enos was the deputy and took his orders from Boss and Rosco. enos was a good a heart and was friends with the Dukes unlike Boss and Rosco. Sonny Shroyer played Bear Bryant in "Forrest Gump"...

Cooter Davenport [Ben Jones]

Cooter was the town mechanic and good friends with the Dukes and even better with Daisy. I beleive that the good 'ol boy scored with Daisy. In the early days, Cooter had a '76 Ford Torino which rocked, but by the end, he, too, was stuck with a crappy old pickup truck... and a tow truck. He also had a daughter named Nacy Lou. Now Ben Jones is a politician in Georgia. He got beat by Newt Gingrich in the last election, I understand. Cooter's CB Handles: Sheepdog or Crazy Cooter .


Rosco's old dog. A bassethound. Flash was retieved from the West Valleym, CA Humane Society, and her training was reported to be difficult, since she was so fat.

Lu Lu [Peggy Rhea]

Boss Hogg's wife. Rosco's sister. The fattest and ugliest t.v. character you have ever seen. She was a bigger fat ass than Boss. She recently played Grace's ex-mother-in-law on the TV show "Grace Under Fire". She's also made appearances on "Step By Step".

Deputy Cletus Hogg [Rick Hurst]

Replaced Enos after he left... and then left when Enos came back, and also starred with Enos. Cletus was Boss Hogg's cousin.

Other Characters

Coy and Vance Duke, who were Bo and Luke wanna-be's for a season. Judd Duke, Luke's brother. Jeb Stuart Duke, motorcycle dude, played by Cristopher Hensel. Abraham Lincoln Hogg, J.D. Hogg's long lost twin brother. Hugh, Boss Hogg's limo driver. Nancy Lou [Kim Richards], who was cool because her father was Cooter. Sheriff Grady Byrd [Dick Sargent], replaced Rosco for an episode or two. Sheriff Buster Moon, who replaced Rosco for about 1.4 seconds. Deputy Wilbur Fudge, who replaced Enos for a while. Hughie and Jamie Lee [Jonathan Frakes] Hogg, Boss Hogg's nephews. Miz Tisdale, the Hazzard County Postmistress. Maybell, the nosey Hazzard telephone operator, Boss's neice. B. B. Davenport, Cooter's cousin who appeared once in a while. Miss Hatchipee. Portense Hogg. Big Daddy, Boss Hogg's dad.

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